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Tesseract Research Laboratories are known best for live video performances (known popularly as "VJing").

VJing involves realtime manipulation of video, projected live during an event, usually a dance party or music show. Tesseract have performed at events such as Big Day Out, Transmission, Gatecrasher, Dance Tracks at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney G&L Mardi Gras, and many others; and have produced hundreds of hours of original material designed especially for VJing, live video performance and presentation.

dance tracks#4

Tesseract regularly perform live at events where original content and high quality audiovisual presentation will be appreciated.

Australia has a strong and well connected VJ community; there is support amongst VJs via lists like vidi-yo and clan analogue. The artform has risen in popularity around the world due to the decrease in cost of video production and presentation tools, and communities such as eyecandy and vjcentral provide spaces for group discussion and development.

Tesseract are frequently asked what we use during our live shows; we most frequently use DVD players, DV deck, triggering software run on a PC and two modified MX-12 mixers as the core live rig. This offers us the greatest quality (full screen PAL), flexibility and suits our performance and content style the best.

If you are interested in booking Tesseract to perform, please read our pages about working with us.