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Tesseract Research Laboratories prefer to ensure that their work is seen at the highest quality and therefore the installation context of their performances is carefully planned. This usually involves working with directors, venues or projects to create audiovisual installations that utilize VJing, video projection and other technologies in live performances and events.

Tesseract are highly experienced at assessing the video presentation requirements of an event; Justin Maynard is our Technical Director and is a qualified rigger with qualifications in theatre and sound production. We have provided installation advice and services for conference AV, corporate theatre, dance parties and theatre.
Services include:
• scoping AV requirements and sourcing equipment
• installing video presentation equipment
• rigging truss, screens and projection equipment
• live audiovisual presentation

Experience includes:
AV installation and operation for Mercedes Australian Fashion Week;
AV presentation design and installation for: Noise Festival, Alliance Francais, The Studio at the Sydney Opera House, Crown Casino, Clan Analogue and Full Circle Events, Freaky Loops, and many others.