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Tesseract Research Laboratories are dealers for Edirol products so if you are
after a V4 vision mixer or any of their other tasty video and audio
products please contact us. Check out the http://www.edirol.com/ site for product information. We will be organising a demo of some of the equipment in the near future.

Edirol V4 Video Mixer - a compact 4 channel video mixer suitable for VJing, live mixing, and video production.

Internal processing
Format: ITU601, NTSC or PAL format - The V4 can be rebooted to be used in either PAL or NTSC. This is a great feature for those traveling overseas. You simply hold down a couple of the keys and power up the unit into either formats. You cannot use both at the same time.
Sampling: 13.5MHz, 4:2:2 (Y:B-Y:R-Y) / 8-bit
Frame Synchronizer: Individual 2-channel (Individual 2-channel TBC : Time Base Correction)
Transition: Dissolve, White fade, Black fade Wipe (about 200 patterns) 240 to be exact.
Composite effects: Chroma-key, Luminance-key
Individual 2-channel effects: Colorize, Strobe, Picture-in-Picture, Mirror, Multi-screen, Negative, Still (Field freeze or Frame freeze), Solarise, Color filter
Video Input: S-Video (Y/C): 2 channels (Mini DIN 4-pin type), Composite: 4 channels (RCA pin type)
Video Output: S-Video out (Y/C): 1 channels (Mini DIN 4-pin type), Composite out: Output: 2 channels (RCA pin type) Preview out: 1 channel (RCA pin type)
Control: MIDI: MIDI IN x 1, MIDI OUT x 1 (Remote control through MIDI equipment)
TAP: BPM setting
Reviews: VJCentral

Contact us for further information and competitive rates.