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Some recent Tesseract projects, presented as case studies:

Featured project: X|Media|Lab conference installation. Tesseract were invited to showcase their work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, during the conference day of X|Media|Lab on 12th June 2003. Tesseract created several projection structures within the Foundation Hall and presented original images throughout the day.

Tesseract Theatre project: Video Combustion - exploring the concepts of audience and performer interaction and audiovisual theatre design through self-produced productions. Involves multi-disciplinary combination of skills in multimedia / digital media / architecture / film making / audiovisual production / event management within live performance. Provides the opportunity for many artists to work together and explore technical and conceptual possibilities not otherwise feasible. Dec 2000 - June 2002

Installation Out the Back: Installation in the studio foyer, Sydney Opera House, July 2002.