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Tesseract Research Laboratories are live video performers, who design and create audiovisual installations, and develop performance projects involving new media and projection technologies.

Tesseract have been involved with projects in theatre, dance, multimedia and installations for public spaces since genesis in 1997, working across multiple disciplines (audiovisual/new media/theatre) to create interactive performance environments, research and develop applications, and perform in them live.

Tesseract produce their own VJ video material, perform live VJ shows, and are known for their high quality, distinctive and original live visuals.

Qualities that differentiate Tesseract from other Video Performance acts in Australia include a profound desire to transcend the rectangularity of projected video.

Tesseract are visual architects who create site specific audiovisual installations, and present sound and image experiences for events.

Tesseract are known for their experimental screen sculptures which integrate illumination, form and temporal image manipulation.

Tesseract work with independent producers, event managers, theatre groups and performers to explore the possibilities of interactive and audiovisual media in live performance.