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Tesseract Research Laboratories was founded by Justin Maynard and Cindi Drennan. The duo had been working together on the production of interactive multimedia projects in the mid 90's, but saw the creative potential of taking emerging technologies into the realms of live performance and installation. They established their live video performance act in 1997, exploring the use of digital media for live performance and image projection, and immediately tapped into the seething and creative sydney subcultures that were crying from boredom with the unimaginitive club scene.

Working full-time on the project to realise their dream of creating immersive environments and live performance interaction, Tesseract performed as VJs and presented at over one hundred events in the first three years of activity. Blossoming with ideas and inspiration, Tesseract found themselves embarking on projects to project images on walls, build screen sculptures, modify hardware, establish VJ networks, hold conferences, tour with bands and produce their own events.

Tesseract is now recognised as being among Australia's leading improvisational image innovators, and are renown for distinctive and original live performances involving image projection and screen sculptures.

The members of Tesseract Research Laboratories:

Justin Maynard - Manager
       0412 999 150
Video Performance Artist
VJ Specialist
Technical Director (AV)
Theatre background / WAAPA
Licensed Rigger, Test & Tagger

Cindi 'Lumineux' Drennan: Collaborating Artist
Visual Artist / New Media Producer & Designer / VJ
Film & Visual Arts background / BAVA / AFTRS
TRL Company Partner

Alex Holver: LX
Lighting and Technical maestro

Brian Murray: Video Engineer RIP
Electronics guru / video feedback
Engineer behind the MX-12 modification. Aka Bent McRent.

Tesseract collaborate with many other creative entities. Large productions need many people to help make the event happen; we also work with artists and technicians from a variety of disciplines in our research projects and events.

Here's some of the groups and individuals that we're proud to be associated with:

The vidi-yo nexus: an australian network of video performers.
Projectroom: eclectic elctronic collective
Australian Network for Art & Technology
National Association for the Visual Arts
Metro Screen: screen culture organisation
Digital Salon: meeting place for the digital creatives in Sydney (via Metro Screen)
Clan Analogue: Australian electronic artists collective
Electrofringe Electronic Arts festival
Audiovision: Australian mailing list for audiovisual artists
VJcentral: online VJ community
Eyecandy: global mailing list for video artists
Liquid Labrynth crew
Artists of Projectroom and Imperial Slacks
Jaqilen Pascoe
The Asylum
Kurt Wiley
Michael Ney - VRX
Many, many others, too numerous to mention...
thank you all for your support and contribution to live video performance and projection arts.