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What is a tesseract?

A tesseract is a fourth dimensional geometric shape, which is represented in three dimensional space and time as a 'hypercube'.

It is a complex multi-dimensional shape, sometimes described as "a cube in space and time, in which every face of the cube is actually a doorway to a cube in a parallel universe" and also as "the shadow of a fourth dimensional cube, cast in three dimensional space and time". However you look at it, fourth dimensional geometry is a complex concept for we three-and-a-half dimensional beings to comprehend. For the geometrically and mathematically inclined, a number of links below will take you to further information about the scientific exploration of the tesseract, with some interactive examples and demonstrations.

How did you come up with the name tesseract?

When we first began working together we spent about two months brainstorming the name amongst ourselves and with friends. Colleague Simon Housego suggested the name Tesseract and it immediately appealed due to its connotations of space, time and hyperdimensionality.

VJing is a temporal and interactive art form which we combine with spatial elements of structure, installation, interaction, and information architecture. We research and develop new forms of artistic expression and communication in time and space, and the tesseract represents our endeavours in multi-dimensional presentation.

Where can I see a tesseract?

interactive 4d model
Animated example on mathworld
Build a tesseract - simple applet, excellent demonstration
description of the experience of 4d travel
The Tesseract (or Hypercube) - a guided demonstration
What is a tesseract - laypersons description
Wrinkle in time fan club